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Welcome to On-A-Tree Forestry

“Jesus...whom they killed by hanging on a tree.” - Acts 10:39

The tree of life, located in the Garden of Eden, was lost to man because of sin. Jesus came, to die on a cross, on a tree, so that the way back to the tree of life could be made.

Welcome to the forest!

Welcome to the forest! As a professional forester, I spend most of my days walking through (or running if ground bees are involved) the forests of the Southeast Coastal Plain. It is in the woods and swamps where I have seen glimpses of God, and illustrations of his Word. Scripture tells us in the first chapter of Romans, that God reveals himself in nature. On-A-Tree Forestry, is about sharing those revelations and events. From stump holes and beavers, ground bees and snakes, every day can be time in a classroom. On-A-Tree Forestry brings the lessons learned in the woods into the pages of Scripture, and into our daily struggle. On-A-Tree Forestry is about Jesus, who died on a tree, a cross, because of the love that he has for you and me.

Our collection of outdoor parables and essays are arranged with you in mind, whether your daily activities include working in the woods or just sitting on your porch. God doesn’t seek to hide himself; rather, he delights in giving you glimpses of who he is, and what you mean to him. We use illustrations from the world of forestry, wildlife management, history, folklore, and everyday life. Next, we add a touch of humor while finding out that the stump hole can teach us something about life, and a beaver can offer us a warning. The essays vary in the depth of presentation, from the basics of simply glimpsing God at work, to the heavy exploration of what those glimpses might tell us about our journey. Growing in a relationship with God takes time. After all, God made trees, then he made beavers to eat the trees. (Pause here to scratch your head!) We find in the Bible, those who seek God are compared to magnificent watch out, something may be nibbling on your trunk!

Our presentations begin with Bibles, Beavers, and Big Timber. It is a forestry primer to be sure, but it sets the stage, and begins the journey. The journey is finding your way to Jesus, to the tree, and to life.

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