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Leaves, Lessons, & Lordship/Learning about Life in the Swamp.

Grab your boots and let’s head for the woods, or even the swamp if you’re really up for an adventure. The Creator of the woods has left his fingerprints everywhere, and they are there to help us on our journey through life.  We can kick at the leaves as we walk, stirring them with our feet, and then wonder about their identity and why they are no longer attached to the tree.

But those leaves aren’t there by random chance; nothing in the swamp is random, and neither is your life. God has a plan and purpose for you, but there are lessons we must learn, and those lessons are vital to our survival. They are the lessons that lead us to the ultimate question, the question of lordship. Who will be Lord of your life?

Catch a glimpse of God in Leaves, Lessons, and Lordship, by going hunting down in the pines, or fishing aboard a tiny ship. Take a trip up the hill to cut a Christmas tree; or spend your morning looking for the gardener. The author will have you laughing one minute, and praying the next. Which is a lot like life.  So, as the owl hoots, find a comfortable spot, and read on!