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Many of us who work and play outside, or who just love to spend time with clouds as our ceiling, would often agree with the idea that the "outdoors beckons" us, that if we don't get outside we might bust. The phenomenon is more than just a personality quirk, it can also be a whisper from the Creator, trying to establish a relationship with us.

The devotional books you will find here are a journal of the many times I have heard just such a whisper. If you work in the timber business, you will find yourself in many of these stories. If you are a trapper, you will find yourself in many of these creeks, shaking your head with me on the mystery of the beaver. If you simply long for a cool breeze and to see nature, then you are at the right place. And if you have never had a desire to gear up and head for the forest, don't worry, there are plenty of stories here for you as well. So, calling all fisherman, hunters, foresters, trappers, and weekend amateurs, come into the forest; learn about the Creator of the forest; and laugh a little while you do.