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Many of us who work and play outside, or who just love to spend time with clouds as our ceiling, would often agree with the idea that the "outdoors beckons" us, that if we don't get outside we might bust. The phenomenon is more than just a personality quirk, it can also be a whisper from the Creator, trying to establish a relationship with us.

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Woods, Worship, and Wasteland

Letting Faith Produce Fruit

             We decide questions of worth every day. We set our calendars and our alarms based on our priorities, what we ascribe as worthy of our time.  Worth, is the word we get worship from. What is it that we worship? Moving through life is often like moving through a swamp. As our hike through the swamp moves us from the beautiful woods to desolate wastelands, so life takes us from the scenic to the disturbing. Too many times, we find we have put down our compass, and settled into the wasteland, where life has little value and meaning. Yet there are those who venture into the wasteland, because they are determined to rescue it, to return it to its prior beauty.

Venture outside with a professional land management forester, and seek out the value and the worth of the woodlands, and in doing so learn a lesson of faith, that no one is beyond salvaging. Jesus will put on the chest waders and head into the swamp, to try and salvage those that he loves; to find the lost sheep; and to bring them home. He doesn’t give up on us, but has laid down a tracka path for us to find him, and to worship.

Come on, and let’s see the fingerprints of God in His creation; and let it turn our hearts to worship. God doesn’t hide, but we seldom look very hard for him. Maybe we can find him on the beach, or in the deep swamp, or along a dark deserted railroad line.  He will declare himself, like a train whistle in the dark, causing us to worship.

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